Civilization is a wasteland.

Ravenous bears thirst endlessly for blood, pounding relentlessly at the gate of the last remaining stronghold, the fair lands of Binance Smart Chain.

Few Diamond-Clad Warriors remain, and have equipped themselves with the final weapon; The Last Hope.

When the Battle Grounds turn bleak and the last beans have dried up, these Diamond-Clad Warriors will have no choice but to unleash a fury so bright, so all consuming, that every last drop of Red will turn to Green.

Bears will becomes Bulls, sharpening their newfound horns for the eternal battle between Up and Down.

This is more than brimstone and fire.

This is HellFire.

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Hellfire Demon

How It Works

What makes HellFire a different beast is its novel tokenomic structure.

Few alchemists have darted procure such flawless chemistry, and even fewer have succeeded.

HellFire is hyper-deflationary by nature, thanks to the 12% Barter Fee applied to every transaction.

Buyback and burns rage right across Binance Smart Chain as of now, but the likes of The HellFire Function has never been witnessed in all its glory.

Because of HellFire's tokenomics, 5.5% of EVERY transaction will be burned, while also allowing for perma upward pressure from our HellFire Buybacks to annihilate dips. HellFire's unique mechanics allow for manual buybacks at any time and any amount - this means it is impossible for Bots to force buybacks and artificially cause extreme price wicks to form.

Through The HellFire Function, the buybacks will create a meaningful price floor and paint the chart ablaze with green. These buybacks, combined with a constantly shrinking token supply will reward holders for holding, as the percentage of total supply you hold will grow relative to the burns.

Unlike other protocols that burn tokens from outside of the liquidity pool, the buyback and burn feature of HellFire pulls tokens directly from the liquidity pool, increasing price through purchasing power, and increasing price through scarcity from burning.

This isn't just a Binance Smart Chain project.



5.5% of each transaction is permanently added to HellFire's liquidity pool.

With an increasing liquidity pool depth, comes increased stability and wider range of trading possibilities.

Frictionless Yield

1% of each transaction is distributed to token holders, no staking required.

This provides an easy way for token holders to benefit without lifting a finger.


The HellFire Function - 2.75% of each transaction is burned, and 2.75% of each transaction is added to the HellFire Buyback Function.

Tokens bought using HellFire are burnt auotmatically.


1,000,000,000,000,000 - Total Supply

303,000,000,000,000 - Private Sale

303,000,000,000,000 - Initial Liquidity

344,000,000,000,000 - Burned

50,000,000,000,000 - Marketing and Development

Our Future Plans

HellFire aims to blaze into the Binance Smart Chain history books
as the prominent hyper-deflationary protocol.

To further this goal, the HellFire Team aim to expand the reach and depth of our blazing glory!

With powerful tokenomics, HellFire will continue to grow, expand, and reach new heights.

Here Is Your Chance To Become Part Of HellFire History

The Binance Smart Chain wasteland is being cleansed in the flames of HellFire - will you join the battle against the Ravenous Bears?

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